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Reading Programme Trivia Olivia Book 4 : Record Breaker / Pick Me

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Product Code : 9789674971076
Category : Readers
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Series & Book Name : Reading Programme Trivia Olivia Book 4 : Record Breaker / Pick Me
Price : RM14.90
ISBN : 9789674971076
Reading Programme Series came up with series of interesting reading materials for kids.
This book takes kids to an adventure with Trivia Olivia!
First adventure is 'Record Breaker' - "You're the record breaker, Olivia", said Milo. "Everyone knows that." Tom has had enough of Trivia Olivia breaking all the records. he wants it to change.
Pick Me - Who will Olivia and her friends elect as their sports captain? Lottie, the netball champion? Milo, the soccer hero? Tom, the star of everything? Or someone else..?
Let's see how amazing Olivia is as a record breaker and see what next. And you got to want to know who is the new sports captain. Pick a guess now and get the book to be sure!
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