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Reading Programme Cluey Crew Book 3 : Secret Cove / Mystery Man

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Product Code : 9789674970994
Category : Readers
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Series & Book Name : Reading Programme Cluey Crew Book 3 : Secret Cove / Mystery Man
Price : RM14.90
ISBN : 9789674970994
 Reading Programme Series came up with series of interesting reading materials for kids. It is going to be fun to read now!
This book takes kids to an adventure with Cluey Crew!
Secret Cove gets you nervous with a question : What do you get when you add a fishing trip, a pirate, a sea monster and a pile of rocks marked with letters? A mystery to be solved-if you survived the journey...
Mystery Man is the next adventurous story to read. The Cluey Crew spies on a stranger next door. He's blue-ALL blue-- and carrying a bag of full money. When they next see him he's completely gold. It's a guaranteed colourful mystery!
Let'sexpose the mystery and start the adventure now. Get the book from us with reasonable price! This book can be purchased through our website now! 

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